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Wedding Day Makeup…from the Photographers Perspective

OK girlies let’s talk makeup…More specifically what a wedding photographer has learned from years of experience of dealing with the results from wedding day makeup (both the good and the bad).  You, your makeup artist and your photographer all are aiming for perfection but can you do to ensure an amazing outcome?

Here are a few valuable tips you’ll want to consider when planning for your own wedding day makeup:


Go ProBecause we are so used to doing our own “every day” makeup, the temptation is there to DIY when it comes to the wedding day.  In our experience it is totally worth every penny to have a pro on your side handling those sweet details.  Not only will you be thrilled with the outcome your makeup, your look will also last through the entire day. Professional makeup artist are fantastic when it comes to controlling shine(bad) versus glow(good!) and at matching the elegant look you want with your natural features.

If you’re looking for professional makeup artist in the GTA we would highly recommend checking out Bridezilla Beauty or Covet | Co.  Both are fantastic at what they do and not only do they do amazing work but their artists are some of the sweetest gals you will ever meet. 


Trial –  A trial is totally worth the investment. Not only will you get amazing idea of what your artist is capable of and how it meshes with your style, but you can get real-world feedback from your fiancé (and any honest girlfriends you care to share the results with).  If you’re thinking of adding lashes/falsies make sure you test them out in your trial.  You will want to get used to wearing them before the big day.  Many gals book their trial the day of their engagement session which of course gives you a perfect opportunity to see how your makeup looks in images.

Lighting – When picking a spot to have your makeup applied on the wedding morning, look for a large window with ample daylight coming through.  You want to position yourself so the light is consistent on both sides of your face (like the diagram below).  This will make sure that you have great results whether you’re indoors or outdoors throughout the day. 


Think Gownnot bluejeans – We are so used to our every day make up.  The temptation is there to go a little more conservative than we should.  Remember that you are essentially stepping into a ball gown so make sure that your make up look matches your gorgeous gown. You don’t have to take things over the top but keeping in mind that you are going “gown” will help you get that complete glam look you are dreaming about.


Moisturize – In order to keep that glowing look that you’ve been dreaming of make sure you moisturize your skin (booking a facial in the weeks leading up to the big day isn’t a bad idea either).  Your skin texture will show in the images. Moisturizing also gives a great base for your make up artist to work with and brings beautiful results.


Don’t forget your neck – With good window lighting you should easily be able to see any changes between the face and your neck as your makeup is being applied.  Make sure that everything is blended and there’s no drastic color changes between your face and your neck. A poor job in this area will show up in your wedding pictures.

Hope those little tips are a bit help in planning for the big day.  Beyond ending up with a great look, all of the sweet pampering on the wedding morning will make for a fun and gorgeous day.



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