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Unplugged wedding is it for you?


Smart phones are in every hand and are a part of our culture.  They are the way we communicate and now how we capture memories in our life.

When it comes to the wedding day choosing whether not to have an unplugged wedding ceremony is an important decision.  


Is it right for you?

Many couples choose to go “unplugged” for their ceremony for several reasons.   When the ceremony site is more intimate it is a great idea to keep distractions to a minimum and asking your guests to enjoy that sweet time in person is a beautiful touch that can add to that warm feeling you have always dreamed about.  Walking up the aisle and seeing all of the smiling faces of their friends and family instead of smart phones is another reason that many choose to go this route.  Regardless if you choose to go “unplugged” or not, you want your guests to feel comfortable and loved…know that they are all there to support your new beginning together and will be happy to support you in any way you have requested.

Communication is key.

If you’re choosing to have an “unplugged” wedding ceremony let your guests know in the invitation that they are welcome to bring their smart phones to take pictures throughout the day but that your ceremony will be unplugged.  Having a cute sign as a guest are coming into the ceremony that shows how much you love them and want them to be part of your special time but not to use their cell phones during the ceremony will keep that warm feeling and communicates that you want them to be involved with their hearts.  


Share Your Wedding Gallery Once it is Ready

Knowing that your guests honored your request and kept their phones tucked away during the ceremony they would greatly appreciate seeing your wedding gallery once it’s completed and available online.  

Once the ceremony is completed make sure that your guests feel comfortable and free to take as many cell phone pictures as they want throughout the rest the day and during the reception.  


Unplugged…Does it fit your guest dynamics?

Some cultures and family dynamics would be hurt by not being able to take a picture during the ceremony.  Know your limitations and sensitivities as a family dynamic. It’s a good idea to bounce the thought of having an unplugged wedding off your parents and close friends to get their thoughts too. Most will likely be on board but many will have great insight into the family dynamics that will be present on your sweet day and whether or not it’s for you. 

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