Your guest list is complete, invitations ordered, addressed, stamped and mailed.  You’re now ready to plan practical steps in managing all those wonderful guess they’re about to attend your big day and making sure that they have the time of their lives at your wedding.  Below are a few tips we have seen incorporated into […]

4 tips to remember on the day after your wedding Sleep in You just experienced your “Party-of-a-lifetime” and now it’s a time for you and your sweetheart to relax and enjoy being together.  Make sure you have nothing scheduled for the morning after so you can sleep-in as long as needed. Go for a walk Your body went […]

Beyond getting stellar images of the two of you on your wedding day, FAMILY images of all of those who have surrounded you with love is a must.  They have been your rock and biggest supporters to this point.  Outside of you and your fiance they are the ones that have looked forward to your special […]

OK girlies let’s talk makeup…More specifically what a wedding photographer has learned from years of experience of dealing with the results from wedding day makeup (both the good and the bad).  You, your makeup artist and your photographer all are aiming for perfection but can you do to ensure an amazing outcome? Here are a few valuable tips you’ll […]

Smart phones are in every hand and are a part of our culture.  They are the way we communicate and now how we capture memories in our life. When it comes to the wedding day choosing whether not to have an unplugged wedding ceremony is an important decision.   Is it right for you? Many couples […]

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