Beyond getting stellar images of the two of you on your wedding day, FAMILY images of all of those who have surrounded you with love is a must.  They have been your rock and biggest supporters to this point.  Outside of you and your fiance they are the ones that have looked forward to your special day more than anyone else.  Having sweet images of your family will not only melt your mom’s heart but be a treasured for many for years to come.

Tips for Fantastic Family Portraits on the Wedding Day

  • Timing – We know that not all wedding day timelines are the same however we find that for the majority of couples planning to have formal shots of your immediate family is best to schedule directly after the ceremony.  Because all of your family members are right there for the ceremony, they are easy to gather at the ceremony site.  That time in the day works great for grandparents as well as little ones.
  • Immediate Family…for starters – We always advise keeping to immediate family only for the formal family shots.  Immediate family would include: Parents, Siblings (with their spouses and kids) as well as grandparents.  Family Formals usually take about 30 min on average (which is just about as much time as your smiling cheeks can handle)  Keep in mind that on average it takes about 3 min per shot (to set-up and take) so you will end up with about 10 groupings in that 30 min window…if there are more shots/groupings that you want to include in this time make sure you add extra time into your schedule.
  • Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Second-cousins…and the rest – You know that mix-and-mingle time that every Reception has?  That is the best time to capture fun shots of all of that extended family.  Being a husband-wife-photography team defiantly has its advantages here as we know as soon as the bride & groom are up from their table and walking around, our cameras are out and we are a click’n.
  • When Divorce or Separation is in the picture – Divorce and unique family situations are more common than you think so being open and honest with your wedding photographer ahead of time is key.  We usually connect with our couples about 4 weeks ahead of time and talk through the family structure so that we know exactly how to pose (or not pose) the Family Formals.   Making sure the photographer knows ahead of time about any delicate or unique circumstances will save you and your family on any heart ache or awkward moments that could happen.
  • See through your Parents Eyes – It is a great idea to ask your parents ahead of time what they would like for the Family Formals.  They have been dreaming of this day since your birth.  Outside of having a great image of you the family images are incredibly close to their hearts.  Be sure to allow them some input into this area of the wedding planning.
  • Keep’n it Real – You all are dressed to the nines.  Your looking like one rock’n, sharp family.  When you look back at the images of the day you don’t want to just see an over-posed, stiff group.  Feel free to be who you are as a family…let your love show and cuddle up a bit (if your a huggy family)  Don’t be afraid to show who you are as a family!



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