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4 Day-After Wedding Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

4 tips to remember on the day after your wedding


Sleep in

You just experienced your “Party-of-a-lifetime” and now it’s a time for you and your sweetheart to relax and enjoy being together.  Make sure you have nothing scheduled for the morning after so you can sleep-in as long as needed.


Go for a walk

Your body went through both a physical and emotional work out on your wedding day. From waking up early and all the excitement throughout the day to dancing long into the night, you will feel it the next day.  Just like our bodies need to stretch before we work out we also need to cool down after.  Going on a 20 minute walk together will get your body back on track and set you up for a great week ahead.  



On your wedding day you likely pushed yourself more than you expected.  You are so likely drank more party drinks than you expected.  Know that you’re likely dehydrated the day after and need to catch up so drink lots of water (and/or electrolyte power drink) to re-hydrate.


Keep Local

Don’t go anywhere if you don’t have to. It’s a great idea to schedule a low-key recovery day right after the wedding.  Plan to stay somewhere local for that first day and then fly out to the honeymoon having time to recover without being rushed will set you up for an amazing honeymoon adventure together.


Most of all, take time to reflect on your amazing wedding day together.  It is fun to see what stood out to each of you and to relive the day that you looked forward to for so long.  Treasure it.

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